Engine Reconditioning in Albury

40 years in the industry Specializing in the complete engine reconditioning including full Engine Machining & Balancing, Cylinder Boring & Honing, Line Boring, Crankshaft Crack Testing & Grinding.

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Engine Reconditioning Albury

Engine Balancing

We highly recommend that you balance your engine when you change any part from your engines rotating assembly, as the balance also changes. Balancing your engine can vastly improve its performance & eliminate any vibration.
We can balance any Automotive, Industrial, Heavy Diesel, or Motorsport engines.

  • 4 Cylinder Assembly Balancing

  • 6 Cylinder Assembly Balancing

  • 8 Cylinder Assembly Balancing

  • V8 & V6 Assembly Balancing

  • Petrol & Diesel Balancing

  • Tailshaft Balancing

  • Piston Balancing

  • Flywheel Balancing

  • Flexplate Balancing

  • Connecting Rod Balancing

Automotive Machining

Dewars performance engines offers a whole range of machining services for your engine Accessories & Block.

  • Chemical Cleaning

  • Crankshaft Grinding & Linish

  • Connecting Rod Resizing

  • Lifter Bore Indexing

  • Counter Bore Block

  • Block Surfacing

  • Block Blueprinting

  • Crack & Pressure Testing

  • Cylinder Boring & Honing

  • Cylinder Sleeve & Liner Fitting

  • Cylinder head vacuum testing

  • Manifold Milling & Surfacing

  • Scan Tool Diagnostics

  • Distributor Strobing

  • Weld Repairs

Injector & Injector Pump Reconditioning

Injector Pumps;
Our Chevrolet Diesel Injector Pumps are reconditioned in store, All pumps come with as new head & rotor, new oversize advanced Piston & delivery valve, Seals & gaskets – Calibrated on our Hartridge Test Bench.

6.5 Injector Pump (Turbo Specifications) Exchange $1,250.00
6.5 Injector Pump (Turbo Specifications) Outright $1,500.00

6.2 Course thread injector, 6.2 Fine thread injector, 6.5 Fine thread injector, 6.5 Turbo Intercooled Injector or Marine Injector.

All Injectors come with new Nozzles & Gaskets.
Pressures are set to spec.

Injector Change Over $75,00 each
Injector Outright $125.00 each
Marine Injector $95.00 each