Chevrolet Diesel Engines2018-09-24T05:23:33+00:00

Looking for a Diesel Engine..

Our fully reconditioned Chevrolet Diesel Engines are a great choice for converting into your Toyota Landcruiser or Nissan Patrol if you require a bit more torque & fuel efficiency.

Whether it’s the 6.2L Chevrolet Diesel Engine for towing your Caravan around the country side with fuel efficiency you will never stop enjoying, or the 6.5L Engine built with credible power & decent fuel economy, this is perfect for farmers & off roaders.
If you still need more in an engine we highly recommend going that little extra & choosing the 6.5L Optimizer Chevrolet Diesel Engine.

Because this engine is built to last, with numerous improvements made to insure its long-term reliability this engine should never let you down.

So, if you’re in the market for more torque & efficiency then contact us today to discuss your custom requirements